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Get the good night's
sleep you both deserve.

Parents and children both need a good night's sleep! Lullaby Magic Sleep Consulting offers families sleep plans and one-on-one coaching that is tailored specifically for your family and your needs.

Amanda Israel, Sleep Coach

Hi, I'm Amanda!

Amanda Israel is a sleep consultant, potty training guru and postpartum doula. What started out as a hobby to sleep train her own two children soon turned into giving advice to friends and family, and later became a dream business for her in helping other families get their babies and toddlers on track to success. Her techniques for working with families of young children has proven to be the key to maintaining calm during the storm of babyhood, childhood and even marriage. Her guidance and ongoing consulting can transform not only your child's life, but yours, too! Amanda and her husband reside in Philadelphia with their two toddlers.

Resources for Sleep Consulting Clients

Custom made sleep schedules and plans

Phone, text & video call support for all clients

Committed to using best practices for safe sleeping

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