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Meet Amanda

Amanda Israel and Family

Amanda Israel

Certified Pediatric
Sleep Consultant

Amanda Israel loves when babies sleep well. What started out as a hobby to sleep train her first two children, soon turned into giving advice to friends and family, and later became a dream business for her in helping other families get some much-needed rest. She believes that sleeping babies are the key to maintaining calm during the storm of parenting, childhood and even marriage. Her sleep consulting can transform not only your baby's life, but yours, too! In addition to sleep consulting, Amanda is a certified Potty Training Consultant and a postpartum doula. She and her husband reside in Philadelphia with their three children. 

Certified Sleep Consultant

My Philosophy

Many people believe that "sleep-training" is letting their baby "cry it out," but that simply isn't true. The art of sleep training refers to teaching a child how to fall asleep independently, free from rocking, nursing, bouncing, or any other external sleeping aides. Babies who are breastfed AND formula fed can be taught to self-soothe at bedtime, nap time, and even during middle-of-the-night wake-ups. There are many methods available to meet the needs of each different family.


The Three C's

Confidence, Consistency and Calm. These three pieces are the foundation to a positive sleep training experience for both baby and parents. It's hard to be confident doing something that is new to you, but even if you have to "fake it 'til you make it," your confidence will be present and instilled in your child through your process. Consistency in whichever method(s) you work on will be the key to allowing your baby to know that you're not just playing games! This refers to both at bedtime, as well as night time wakings. It's hard work but the results pay off! Last but not least, remaining calm for your baby during sleep training will ensure that the environment is healthy and allow your baby to thrive. Babies can sense fear and stress from their parents so eliminating that from the process will yield the best results in the end.​

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