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Sleep Packages

Lullaby Magic offers various packages to meet your family's needs. All plans include access to our personable customer service and expertise. We offer a free 15 minute goal setting call before any sleep package is chosen.


The gift of sleeping is an investment for the benefit of your entire family!

Terms and conditions for all payment plans do apply prior to accepting payment.

Click here to read the terms of payment.


Do I need a sleep consultant?

My clients are often thinking...

  • Why does my baby take such short naps?

  • Why is my baby waking up multiple times a night?

  • How do I get my baby/toddler out of my bed and into their own bed?

  • How do I stop early morning wakings?

  • How can I get my child to sleep through without wanting to feed all night?

  • How many naps should my child be taking?

  • Why doesn't my toddler stay in their bed anymore?

  • My child was an amazing sleeper and now they're totally regressing!

If any of these sound like the thoughts in going through YOUR head... it's time for us to talk!

Mother Holding Baby's Hand

One Time Sleep Consultation

This plan offers a 1-time 45 minute phone or video call where you can ask us ANYTHING about sleep training your baby. 

  • Discuss sleep schedule

  • Discuss bedtime routines

  • Assess sleep environment

  • Troubleshoot new sleep issues that have come up

  • Tips and tricks for healthy and safe sleep


Baby Crawling

Sleep Like a PRO!

Full Support Package

Sleep coaching is a more intimate process for creating a sleep-plan that works for your baby and your family's needs. Coaching includes unlimited support up to 2 weeks.

  • Initial video intake call to learn about your child's sleep

  • Customized sleep plan emailed to you within 1-2 days

  • Daily check-ins via text or phone 

  • Personal relationship with your sleep coach to cheer you on every step of the way!


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