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The 3 C's of Sleep Training

There are Three C's of sleep that we firmly believe will help families cross the threshold from being ready to sleep train, into actually diving in to sleep training. Confidence, Consistency and Calm will help you and your baby make huge strides toward successful and restful nights.


There are very few relationships that are as sacred as that of a parent and child. Even when children test their independence and think they know what they want, they still look to you for approval, validation, and support. Not all new parenting skills come easily, and no one expects every parent to be confident in every decision they make. As parents, we all take risks in our parenting choices - some risks more calculated than others. But when it comes to training your baby to sleep, the risks are minimal and the rewards are a maximum win for everyone involved. Maintaining a strong sense of confidence will ensure that your child knows you're not playing games and therefore are less likely to test you. And trust me, they will test you! Don't feel SUPER confident yet about sleep training but desperate for a good night's rest? FAKE IT 'TIL YOU MAKE IT! You'll eventually feel more confident just by pretending you are - stand firm in your chosen sleep training method, and don't give up until you get the results you need!


As sleep consultants, we often provide a family with a few options that can work for your family and your child, in hopes that you pick the one you feel works best for you. Sometimes the sleep plan includes a few minutes of tears before heading back into the room, and sometimes it involves sitting bedside until your little one falls asleep. Toddlers escaping from their beds and rooms? Walking them back to their room and not giving into their demand to come into your bed is a huge success! Being consistent in whichever method you choose will breed the best results in the shortest amount of time. Kids thrive on routines. Surrounded by such a big and confusing world, routines provide children with a sense of security, predictability, and comfort. Pick 1 plan and stick to it - you'll thank us later when you're all sleeping through the night.

The Third C: CALM

Keep your cool, mom! Baby's crying? Take a deep breath first - before you run in and rescue him! If he is in a safe sleep place, in a clean diaper, well fed, and not suffering any ailments that you know of (i.e.: teething, fever, got vaccines earlier that day), you have the power to stay calm! Babies can totally pick up on our emotions, and our heightened sense of fear or stress will only signal to your baby that they, too, should be scared and stressed. A calm voice, along with calm body language will go a long way. Singing a soothing song, keeping the lights dim, and a gentle hush or pat on the tush are all extra ways to keep calm and power through whatever obstacle your baby is giving you both. You got this!

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