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The Gift of Sleep

When a baby doesn't sleep well, it doesn't only impact the child or the parents within the household. It often impacts others in their life, both in close proximity as well those who are living at a distance. Siblings, grandparents, extended family members, best friends, and hired caregivers are often at the other end of the rope, too. Whether they are in the house with the restless baby and parents regularly, once a year for the holidays, or they are on the other end of the the phone line, they will, in some way, feel the impact of sleepless nights on the home front. Sleepless nights bring out the worst in our baby, as well as in ourselves as parents!

The full coaching sleep package with Lullaby Magic can be bought by parents, but feels even more special when bought for someone else you care about. Here are a few ideas of times that this gift may come in handy! Maybe one of them suits you or someone you deeply care about! Consider even splitting it amongst friends or family to give someone who is desperate for better sleep.

  • Chanukah or Christmas gift

  • Birthday gift for parent

  • Baby gift, for either the newborn OR the older sibling (can be used within 1 year of purchase)

  • A "just because" gift for someone who needs to be cared for

  • Mother's Day

Feel free to reach out to purchase one of our gift packages today and give someone the gift of sleep!

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