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You Aren't Alone

No parent is perfect. No person can do everything, perfectly, all the time! We are all human, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and certainly as parents - that feels all too real. When it comes to dieting, starting a business, or preparing for birth, many people will jump at the opportunity to hire a coach to hold them accountable and give them pointers to reach the finish line.

Want to get in shape? Hire a personal trainer!

Want to prepare for childbirth? Hire a labor doula!

Want to start your own business? Hire a business mentor!

Want to learn to drive? Hire a driving school to give you lessons!

So I think it's obvious but let me remind you...

Want your baby or toddler to get better sleep? HIRE A SLEEP COACH!

Hiring a sleep coach doesn't mean someone telling you to do cry-it-out. It means having someone who can listen to your sleep challenges, write you a customized plan, and work with you regularly to achieve your goals. From the onset, our goal-setting call will help us clarify what the problems are, and from there we will tackle them together, at your most comfortable pace.

A client-driven approach to sleep training will help you feel most comfortable. I will be here every step of the way to listen to your fears as a parent, to help give you the confidence you need to teach sleep skills to your baby, and to cheer you on until the end.

Sleep training is not something you to TO your child, it's something you do FOR your child (and for you!)

You are not alone - parents around the globe (at this very second!!!) are struggling with sleep and I have made it my personal goal to help as many of you as possible. Do not hesitate or feel any shame in needing support. This is WHAT I do!

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