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When I was at a loss with my 6 month old son waking up every hour, Lullaby Magic guided me through implementing a method that was perfect for my family. Amanda was really empathetic with my anxiety as a new mom but pushed me to be committed to the process. She was hands-on and legitimately cared about me becoming a well-rested mom. As a result of having her guidance and support, I stuck with it and my son was sleeping through the night after only three nights! 

When my baby was 4 months old, we decided to train her to sleep but didn't know where to start! Amanda from Lullaby Magic helped us, not only with a night time sleep plan, but a daytime schedule including feedings and naps, helping us to see the big picture in a 24-hour cycle. She was determined to make sure we had positive results. Implementing her sleep suggestions only took 4 nights and changed our lives forever!

Danielle R., Cherry Hill, NJ

Elana M., Roxborough, PA 

We desperately needed help transitioning our 6 month old out of a swaddle/bassinet and to sleep independently, and letting him cry was not something I was comfortable with. Amanda helped us create a plan that we were comfortable with and it really worked! My son now never cries when he is put into his crib - sometimes he even laughs! He goes to sleep smiling. Amanda was in touch with me daily to check-in which I valued tremendously I am beyond grateful for this sleep training experience; we are all so much more well rested now!

Hannah R., Narberth, PA

Working with Amanda was life changing! My daughter was nursing to sleep for at least an hour every night, and waking up every 2-3 hours. Needless to say, we were exhausted! She created a custom sleep plan for us, and was there for any questions or concerns we had while implementing it. We are all sleeping better now thanks to Amanda!

Sara B., Brooklyn, NY

Simply amazing! I had never even heard of sleep training, the ferber method or any other type of sleep training for babies. My son, while an angel in general, was a monster to get to bed, but Amanda Israel walked us through the whole process, and in literally 2 days of her working with us saw results and in no time the baby was falling asleep and sleeping through the night. Truly a life saver would highly recommend!!!

Mike M., Philadelphia, PA

Amanda helped us teach our 1-year old daughter to finally stop waking up (and waking us!) at 5:00 AM! Our whole family is so much happier now. Let Amanda from Lullaby Magic help your family sleep better - you won't regret it!

Sara K., Bala Cynwyd, PA

When we first met with Amanda, my husband and I were in a very desperate place. Our 6-month old baby simply wasn’t sleeping-at night or during naptime. Within the first few days after our call with Amanda, our daughter was already on a schedule and getting her to sleep was a breeze. Now, she sleeps through the night and takes two solid naps a day, without a fight. Our kiddo is happier during the day and we are able to be the best, most present parents we can be because we are well-rested. Amanda helped to give us a better quality of life. She listened to me as a parent and helped to devise a sleep training plan that worked for our family. She was accessible to us whenever we needed extra support and followed up with us daily to check in. Amanda used her knowledge of evidence-based methods as well as her personal experience as a parent to help us meet our goals. She is an invaluable resource that I would recommend to anyone!

Nate & Nikki B., Plymouth Meeting, PA

My almost 6 month old was becoming very attached to rocking or feeding to go to sleep each night. I reached out to Amanda for some advice and she was great! She gave me a lot of useful tips for sleep training and was very supportive throughout the whole process! She has been very helpful and I highly recommend her!

Lea C., Frederick, Maryland

I cared for both of Amanda’s children and was impressed with their ability to put themselves to sleep seamlessly for both naps and bedtime. As a preschool teacher, I can appreciate when a child has the ability to soothe and comfort themselves at nap time for a restful sleep.

Jill S., Cherry Hill, NJ

Our almost 2 year old son had been rocked to sleep his whole life, sleeping in our bed, and actually not even sleeping through the night. This was every single night. His nighttime routine was taking over our whole house. Thanks to Amanda he slept through the night for the first time this past week and has continued to do so! In his own room, no rocking required. She was there every step of the way, no matter what time. We will be forever thankful for this experience and I’d be back in a heartbeat!!!!

Ally H., Arab, Alabama

I can not explain how indebted We are to Amanda she has completely change our families life no jokes! My 6 month old Gabi has been waking up less then 3 hrs apart throughout the entire night and has completely been messed over with his nap sleep and feeding schedule... I started sleep training with Amanda this past Wednesday night and we can’t be more grateful since Wednesday night my son has slept 12 hrs 6-6 without eating at all!! I promise she’s legit! And her words and tools are gold! Plus the fact that she follows up and really cares is amazing and she's a coach and respected for a reason! I highly recommend using her!

I'm so grateful for Amanda & all the valuable info she gave us. Our almost-3 year old's bedtime was taking over our lives & she had these brilliant little skills & tricks that had immediate positive effects. Overhauling the whole bedtime routine took longer but she was right there, texting & guiding me through those tough evening hours & keeping us on track. There will probably be another review from me soon as I struggle to get my 15 month old to sleep through the night. We'll be back, Amanda!!

Susy B., Elizabeth, NJ

I’m a first time mom and fell into a routine of nursing my daughter to sleep, rocking to sleep and then co-sleeping which resulted in no one getting proper sleep in the house for 15 months. When my daughter started biting while nursing on top of all of that I knew it was time to do something different and Amanda came to the rescue! In reality, she sleep trained US- I broke my old habits and learned how to offer a consistent bedtime routine which immediately resulted in 12 hours nights of restful sleep for my daughter and sleep for us too! If you are reading these reviews it means you are in a similar situation and unsure what to do. Take this as your sign to contact Amanda and start the process. The plan is customized to your family, your needs and your goals. Amanda- THANK YOU!

Jaime L., Dunmore, PA

Zahava E., Toms River, NJ

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